Coors Event Centre is proudly partnered with two ticketing platforms: Showpass & Ticketmaster. We have provided some helpful information below for any of your ticketing needs and questions!

What most people are unaware of our venue is we are primarily a rental facility. Which means many local and international promoters rent out this space to put on their shows. Events can be hosted by your local entrepreneurs, student societies, organizations up to large national and international promoters such as Live Nation, MRG, Blueprint, Timbre and many more.  Regardless of the promoter, the time listed on the event is the time Coors Event Centre opens the door to begin guest entry. The first opening act goes on approx. 1 hour after that time, allowing an hour for us to get all the guests in before the performances start. So we recommend guests arriving at the listed time so you do not miss any of the performances, remember, the opening acts are just new headliners! Not only does arriving late risk the chance of missing the headliner due to waiting in an entry line, you also miss experience an artist that could be your next favorite!

Every promoter runs their event based on their own specifications and artist requirements. That is why you will see some shows are 19+, some are all ages, some have Meet & Greets, some have VIP tickets, some have floor booths, but what you might experience one night at our venue might be different from the next, and that’s the beauty of our space! However, we understand it can be confusing to the average music fan to understand the various information from various promoters so we have created this area to help provide clarity and understanding at your convenience prior to attending one of the events hosted at Coors Event Centre!

Get To Know Our Ticketing Platforms:


The Ticketmaster platform is used for every Live Nation promoted event hosted at Coors Event Centre. Ticketmaster would like everyone to experience all areas of the venue, and chooses to provide only General Admission tickets to their concerts. If you have purchased a VIP ticket for a Live Nation show at our venue, that will mean it includes a VIP Artist experience listed in the specific event ticket details but includes only General Admission access inside.

If an event is being promoted by Live Nation it is a Ticketmaster show.
Ticketmaster has two forms of ticket delivery:

  • You can get your ticket mailed, or pick your ticket up 48 hours in advance of event date from Saskatoon’s only Ticketmaster Outlet: Sasktel Centre.
  • You can get a Will Call Ticket.

If you have a Will Call Ticket:

Your name, along with how many tickets have been purchased will be on a list when you arrive to enter the concert. You cannot pick up these tickets in advance. Once the doors open at the listed door time for the event, please line up in the “Will Call’ ticket line and have a piece of government issued photo identification ready and your name will be checked off the list and you will be provided a wristband for entry. Only the person with the name on the Will Call list will be able to pick up the ticket – there is no exceptions. If you purchased a “Will Call” ticket for someone else then you need to contact Ticketmaster a minimum of ONE WEEK in advance of event date to have them change the name on the Will Call list. To be safe, it is also best to email dana@coorseventcentre.ca as a secondary precaution about the change. However, this is only a secondary precaution and the ticket will only be verified at that email AFTER you have already contacted Ticketmaster of the change.

For Ticketmaster ticket inquiries: Questions about your ticket order, needing to change a Will Call ticket name, questions about billing please call 1-855-985-4357.


The Showpass platform is used for every event hosed at Coors Event Centre with the exception to Live Nation promoted shows. Since Showpass is a platform used by all promoters other than Live Nation the promoter has the ability to decide what experience they will provide to the music fan. When purchasing a ticket via Showpass you may have VIP Lounge Access, Meet & Greet Tickets, Multiple Tiers of General Admission Tickets etc. We will break down a couple of the most popular ticket types below:

VIP Lounge:
Tickets purchased includes access to the Belvedere Treehouse VIP Lounge which includes seating for every ticket purchased, exclusive VIP drink menu at a discount, free freshly popped popcorn, separate bar & washrooms for VIP guests only. With our 1,000 capacity venue, this VIP Lounge only sells a maximum of 100 tickets, so not only will you get to enjoy your favorite artists you will also get to enjoy little to zero line for washrooms and bar service and get to take a seat between sets. We suggest you still arrive early if you have a VIP Lounge ticket as not all seats has a stage view, the lounge is equip with some of the best seats in the house with the ability to have access throughout the rest of the venue while having a seat to mingle between sets along with the ability to be front row by the stage if you desire.

Meet & Greet:
Meet & Greets vary due to artist specifications. The artist decides what time the meet & greet occurs along with what is included in the meet & greet. We know you are eager to meet your favorite artists, and as they are busy touring sometimes delays in information can happen. They normally provide the promoter the meet & greet details only a day or two in advance so the promoter will reach out a minimum of 24 hours prior to show day with meet & greet details.

Ticket Tiers:
You may notice various ticketing Tiers when you go to buy a ticket. That is the promoters way of rewarding early ticket buyers with a discount on their ticket. Each ticket Tier is allocated a certain amount of tickets, and when that ticket tier runs out the next tier opens at a new price. Buying your tickets early not only gets you a discount on the show, but shows to the promoter that there is a demand for that artist or genre, and the sooner the tickets sell out the more likely a second date will be added in the instance of a sell out and the greater chance the promoter will bring more of that genre back to the praries! So don’t worry, if you have a Tier 1 ticket and your friend has a Tier 3 ticket, you will still get to enjoy the show together, you will just get to do it with more money in your pocket!

If you have purchased a ticket via Showpass it is best to download the Showpass app to your mobile device and load your ticket prior to heading to the venue. To ensure the quickest entry possible, if you have an iPhone you can add your ticket directly to your ‘Apple Wallet’ for convenience and quick scanning upon entry. This saves time looking for the barcode once you have reached the entry spot in line.

If you have purchased a ticket for someone else for a gift or purchased multiple tickets for you and your friends please utilize the ‘Transfer’ ticket option on Showpass so that you each have your own individual bar code on your mobile device prior to entering the facility. This is beneficial for a few reasons:

  • If all the ticket holders are not showing up at the same time, any guest arriving later can gain entry with their barcode rather than having you step away from the concert to let them in.
  • Alleviates conjestion at the door. As we have separate security guards for ticketing, and checking of IDs if one person has the barcodes for all guests that person may be in a different spot in line than their friends resulting in a cluster of confusion and passing of phones around for scanning.
  • Ticket Transfers are only unavailable when an event required to answer a list of questions upon purchasing your ticket. Generally only at all age events. If ticket transferring is not available for your ticket please fill out the below form and we will get the transfer taken care of you on our end.

We do our best to put unprepared guests off to the side and continue entry, however, that is not always possible. So, if you are experiencing delays in entry, it is due to unprepared guests at the door. We can successfully get 1,000 guests into the building with full pat downs, checking of ID and scanning tickets in 30 minutes. Please plan a head so that everyone can gain entry to the event in a speedy manner to begin enjoying their favorite artists.

Showpass Ticket Inquiry: